“Thank you” for participating in the Gift1 program, and gifting the opportunity to explore through technology.

Continuing the Gift of Giving This Past Year

Date: December 3rd, 2015
Author: Powernet
Tags: Gift1, Tablets, Technology, Powernet

Erasing the digital divide has been a goal for Powernet by Gift1 since it’s inception in 2014. We’ve not only been able to see how donated tablets affected those in our first year, but expand our reach to additional organizations.  Favored Recipients; Appalachians Children’s Home, City Gospel Mission’s WHIZ Kids, The Dragonfly Foundation, Miracle Ministries, Oyler School, and The Ronald McDonald House Cincinnati continue to share stories with us about how the tablets have affected those they serve. From reaching out to a loved one far away, to practicing a foreign language or learning how to use a tablet to take test and do homework, each party is engaged in technology. The tablet’s use  spans all ages and races. 

This year, UpSpring joined the Gift1 Favored Recipients group. Focused on serving educational needs of homeless children and youth, one of the programs UpSpring hosts is the “Yellow Bus Summer Camp” every year In June. We had the pleasure of volunteering at this event by donating tablets to use in the classrooms and provide lunch.  Based on the smiles and positive attitudes expressed by camp attendees you would never guess they live in shelters.  Each kid eagerly jumped into their assigned math and reading assignment using the tablets. When class was over, you could tell they wanted to continue learning on the tablets. 

The same expression was seen on the kid’s faces at Holy Family School in Price Hill.  Utilizing donated tablets, Mr. Herbe teaches each class how to utilize the tablets for school projects. For example, Art class is focused on photography and videos so he teaches the kids how to take pictures or videos, including editing skills on the tablet to create a project they can present. By taking pictures of their own faces, their classmates and the Powernet visitors, they quickly edited the shots - picking up basic skills in a creative way. Many of the kids were ecstatic to show off their updated zombie face creations. 

Additional smiles were sent our way from GRAD Cincinnati seniors, taking their tablets with them into their first year of college. In Monterrey Mexico, tablets donated to the Back2Back Hope Education Program provided additional education opportunities for children.  

The world is at each of our recipients fingertips and they are taking their learnings to new levels by breaking the cycles they’ve been placed within. From the organization’s staff, volunteers, and families there’s buzz at how the tablets have changed the lives of those they work with. All of this through the gift of giving. “Thank you” for participating in the Gift1 program, and gifting the opportunity to explore through technology.