Wi-Fi was installed at nine buildings within the Oak Hills Local School District

Powernet worked seamlessly with our IT partner, Vartek, to create a network we feel very confident will meet and exceed the needs of our students and staff for years to come.

Powernet provides reliable wireless connectivity to OHLSD, Google for Education partner

Date: September 21st, 2017
Author: Powernet
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CINCINNATI, OH - September 28, 2017 – Powernet has completed the installation of wireless technology throughout the Oak Hills Local School District (OHLSD) just in time for the new school year. The district’s newly acquired Wi-Fi will allow students and staff to reliably engage in the use of technology in the classroom in new and unique ways.


“Our previous solution had limitations, making the environment difficult to manage, troubleshoot and work effectively on a daily basis,” says Christian Long, Digital Innovation Administrator at OHLSD. “Staff and students struggled to get online and stay connected to our Wi-Fi.”


OHLSD selected Powernet to provide a wireless solution that would meet the needs of students and staff.


“Powernet was more than capable of handling the OHLSD project,“ says Brian Hudson, Sr. Account Executive at Powernet. “Utilizing our partnership with Ruckus Wireless and our expert engineering team, the project turned out to be a complete success!”


The project required 295 access points to be installed at five elementary buildings, three middle schools and district office. R610 access points were primarily used in this installation. These devices are optimal for indoor use in medium density locations, easily supporting 30+ students per classroom with fast 802.11ac data rates. In addition to the wireless network, OHLSD will be utilizing Ruckus Wireless’ Virtual SmartZone controller and Smart Cell Insight. These devices will allow the school to easily manage and upgrade their network while collecting data to be used when generating reports based on established policies.


“The goal of these (network & wireless updates) is to bring better connectivity and an overall improved experience for our students and staff using technology,” says Jeff Brandt, Superintendent, Oak Hills Local School District.


As part of the district’s partnership with Google for Education each student is assigned a Google Chromebook. This utilization of technology in the classroom drives the need for a strong wireless solution. The need for reliable Wi-Fi within the classroom becomes especially important during state testing, a time that created a great deal of stress with the district’s previous wireless solution.


“Powernet is an established local company with a great team. It was very important for us to have a highly skilled and experienced engineering team that would create the best environment for our schools,” says Long. “Powernet worked seamlessly with our IT partner, VARtek, to create a network we feel very confident will meet and exceed the needs of our students and staff for years to come.”


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