We have been advocating for free or low cost internet access in the home in our most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods for many years, but no one responded - until Powernet.

Powernet Wins Coolest Impact on Community Award

Date: September 13th, 2016
Author: Powernet
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Cincinnati, OH – September 13, 2016 – Powernet is thrilled to have won Cincy Magazine’s Cool Tech Award for Coolest Impact on the Community. Powernet was nominated for the award for their work with the Lower Price Hill and Avondale communities.

This year marks the second year for the Cool Tech Awards, presented by Cincy Magazine. These awards celebrate local companies who are innovators within the technology industry. Top Companies were selected based on revenue growth, employee growth, profitability and what “cool things” their company is doing with technology. The Coolest Impact on Community award looked at how a company has made an impact on the local community.

Powernet has a commitment to helping out within the Cincinnati community and as part of that commitment they provided Free Public Wi-Fi for the Lower Price Hill and Avondale neighborhoods. Both Lower Price Hill and Avondale are considered low income areas, where the median family income falls below the poverty line. Powernet noticed that these communities were facing a digital divide and were missing out on what many others take for granted.

Because of this, Powernet partnered with the city of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Public Schools and other community organizations to provide free public Wi-Fi for Lower Price Hill. Powernet then partnered with Avondale Community Development Corporation and Community Builders, Inc. to allow free Wi-Fi in public locations for Avondale residents. In addition to the community-wide Wi-Fi in Lower Price Hill, Oyler School and Community Learning Center received two mobile computer labs containing 50 tablets, valued at $16,000 for use in the school and community.

“Our goal is to support Avondale, Lower Price Hill, and other underserved communities through technology,” said Powernet CEO, Allison Stevens. “We are thankful to work with such great partners who share the vision to erase the digital divide and see the value that technology has in the revitalization of Cincinnati neighborhoods.”

So often now a company will only post jobs online, a school project will require the internet to gather the information needed and news outlets will post stories to their websites that they do not report on the television. Now with access to free Wi-Fi, residents have the ability to construct their resumes, apply to jobs, pay bills online, do research for school projects and keep in touch with community and world news.

“Although there is access to computers at school, there is a wide gulf between the students who grow up with computers and internet access in their homes, and those whose only access outside the classroom are smartphones with occasional internet access,” said Darlene Kamine, Executive Director at Community Learning Center Institute.

“We have been advocating for free or low cost internet access in the home in our most economically disadvantaged neighborhoods for many years,” Kamine continued, “but no one responded - until Powernet.  In a very short time, they deployed their whole team in Lower Price Hill and they made it happen. And they keep making it happen. Whenever we call, they are there to help. We are so grateful for innovative, visionary, generous partners like Powernet.”

By providing access to free Wi-Fi, both partnerships are aiming to support the revitalization of the neighborhood, improve the quality of life and attract future business to the Lower Price Hill and Avondale areas.

Powernet is incredibly proud of what they have been able to do for the Cincinnati community and is honored to accept the Coolest Impact on Community Award, at Cincy Magazine’s Cool Tech Awards, September 14, 2016.

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