PowerWAN simplifies enterprise wide network monitoring to ensure peak performance.

Having a strong partner like Venture Group to get our products to customers is essential to making PowerWAN a success.

Powernet's new SD-WAN solution boosts longstanding partnership to new heights

Date: September 20th, 2016
Author: Powernet
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CINCINNATI, OH - September 20, 2016 - Powernet and Venture Group Enterprises, Inc. have been partners in the telecommunications industry since 1999. Over the last 17 years, Venture Group has provided Powernet with extraordinary value as our No. 1 sales agent. The significance of this partnership continues to show itself with the launch of Powernet's newest product, PowerWAN.

"PowerWAN is a very exciting product for us," says Alli Stevens, CEO of Powernet. "Having a strong partner like Venture Group to get our products to customers is essential to making PowerWAN a success."

PowerWAN is an SD-WAN solution enabled by VeloCloud that eliminates complex and unreliable branch-to-branch infrastructure by utilizing the cloud to replace expensive datacenters and increase compatibility across branches.

“VGE has been a great partner and resource for Powernet for a number of years now,” says Anton Loon, vice president of enterprise sales. “They have been one of our top performing agents for a long time.”

Venture Group provides the ability to sell to organizations of all sizes throughout the U.S. This produces the opportunity to target a large amount of multi-site organizations that could greatly benefit from our growing variety of telecommunication services such as PowerWAN, allowing them to grow faster and operate more efficiently while staying connected.

“Venture Group has been a key business partner of Powernet,” says Doug Turpin, CEO of Venture Group. “We have worked with Powernet to define what would be needed to successfully capitalize on the huge business opportunity that has been created by the evolution of SD-WAN. They have put in all the necessary component parts to support this solution from end to end with their wide range of broadband agreements, their own NOC, the engineering support teams, and their own digital voice network. Powernet has an experienced team with all the right pieces in place for agents and their end customer to realize the full potential of SD-WAN.” 

With the partnership's superior product positioning, PowerWAN will find its way into the hands of the organizations that need it the most. Growing organizations can benefit from secure cloud gateways and enterprise-wide network monitoring, making PowerWAN essential to their business' operation. Businesses that need to escape from expensive datacenters and network outages can turn to PowerWAN's dynamic multipath optimization and cloud utilization to make sure their business stays connected, allowing them to offer a better value to their customers.

"We are thrilled to have such a reliable partner in our network. We are more than confident that PowerWAN will be a success with their support," says Stevens. Venture Group is one of the top master agencies in the business as well as Powernet's top partner. By establishing flexible, yet reliable partnerships, Venture Group has placed itself in a position that fosters strong relationships with service carriers like Powernet.

“Venture Group has had a great deal of success bringing large multi-location customers to Powernet with complex business needs and environments. They have provided an outstanding level of support with high levels of satisfaction from end customers and their agents alike. We look forward to helping Powernet roll out PowerWAN and any new part of the Powernet offering,” says Turpin. “Venture Group is going to open up a lot of opportunities for PowerWAN, which is one of the primary reasons we are so excited about this launch,” says Loon. “Venture Group is going to help Powernet make a big splash in the SD-WAN market.”

With the launch of PowerWAN, another dimension is added to the dependable relationship between Powernet and Venture Group. The partnership has already engineered successful campaigns with many of our business solutions over the years. Keeping the interests of both organizations in mind and exchanging helpful insight to further improve product positioning are just two of the key attributes that have promoted a formula for success over the past 17 years.

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