Students get to experience individualized learning plans through their very own tablet.

Our mission is to erase the digital divide in the Greater Cincinnati area. This donation is another step toward removing that barrier.

Tablets Individualize the UpSpring 360° Learning Experience

Date: August 23rd, 2016
Author: Powernet
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CINCINNATI, OH - August 23, 2016 - For the second consecutive year, Powernet has donated tablets to the UpSpring Summer 360° program. UpSpring provides children ages 5-12 who are either experiencing homelessness or have a temporary living situation with year-round support, empowering them to excel in their education and become active participants in their community. The Summer 360° program serves 156 children in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

“Our mission is to erase the digital divide in the Greater Cincinnati area. This donation is another step toward removing that barrier,” says Allison Stevens, CEO of Powernet Communications.

The tablets will play an integral part in the children’s daily learning routine by utilizing both app and web based learning programs that cover a variety of subject areas. Students participating in a language arts lesson may use reading and language based programs, while students in mathematics use interactive programs to learn about math. The tablets provide the opportunity for students from ages 5-12 to receive personalized learning activities that are tailored to their specific skill level in a given subject. 

“This really is a great opportunity for the kids,” says Amy Eads, UpSpring Summer 360° teacher. “Every student is going to get the chance to learn individually with their own tablet.”

“These devices will allow for students to stay connected to a digital world by providing access to technology that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to,” says Alex Kuhns, UpSpring Program Director.

Providing students with technology that has become commonplace in the households of their peers helps to erase a dividing line and allows for students to have shared experiences with their peers. “When it comes to technology students can now say ‘I know how to do that,’ as opposed to feeling isolated from their peers,” says Kuhns. “The tablets are going to provide a positive boost to the student’s education and self confidence, two essential areas of personal development for children struggling with homelessness,” says Stevens.

Upspring serves approximately 3,500 children experiencing homelessness throughout the year with five different programs in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Each of the UpSpring’s programs works to prevent children experiencing homelessness from falling behind their peers academically as those without assistance often do.

“The UpSpring Summer 360° program keeps kids active and learning throughout the summer to prevent summer learning loss,” says Renee Berlon, UpSpring Development Director. “The tailored learning experience allows for students that do fall behind to catch up over the summer.” 

“The kids have loved what we’ve done so far with the tablets,” says Matt Wehrle, a UpSpring Summer 360° intern. “They are really drawn to the tablets.”

This year’s tablet donation will support Summer 360°’s Northern Kentucky location. The Northern Kentucky location, hosted at Caywood Elementary, is in its first year and serves as many as 53 children every morning and afternoon. Licensed teachers provide daily curriculum to students in the morning, while community partners such as Skool Aid, The Carnegie Center and the True Body Project provide enrichment in the afternoon. Summer 360° also provides transportation and meals to students, completely free of charge.

“The tablets are going to provide a change of pace and keep the students interested in learning during the summer time,” says Edita Dolan-Mayo, Marketing and Community Affairs Manager at Powernet Communications. “Powernet is proud to help make an impact on so many young lives.”

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