SmartRing Billing and Payment
Q: How will I be billed?
A: You will be billed electronically through your online account.

Q: Will I get a paper bill in the mail?
A: If we can save a few trees, why not? Instead of receiving a paper bill, you will view and pay your bill through your online account.

Q:How do I pay my bill?
A: You can securely pay your bill online with a credit card.

Q: Do I need to do anything if I move?
A: Nothing at all. SmartRing is a cloud-based service that follows you wherever you go. However, you will need to update your service if any of your forwarding numbers change.

Q: Will I get charged for usage?
A: SmartRing is an unlimited service and will not charge you for your usage! (Standard usage rates will be charged by your wireless carrier for all calls forwarded to your cell phone)