Business Solutions

A business is only as good as its communications infrastructure, but getting the right systems in place can be a challenge. Powernet has networking, voice, data and call center solutions to give any organization the services and resources it needs to meet and overcome those challenges.


Leading voice technology with the flexibility to meet the needs of your business.


Reliable, secure solutions for high-speed Internet access.

Call Center

High-efficiency manual and predictive dialing call center solutions.

Mobile Services

A variety of mobile voice & data plans to keep employees connected.


Access to all DIRECTV packages and entertainment services for business.

Multi-Dwelling Units

A full-service home entertainment and communication solution.

Ruckus Wi-Fi

Affordable and reliable service utilizing Smart Wi-Fi technology.

Beyond Wi-Fi™

Gain key insights into your network users through Wi-Fi connection.


A Cloud based SD-WAN solution.

8055 Cloud Billing/OSS

A hosted billing solution that allows enterprises to bill for goods and services rendered in a simplified manner.

Public Safety Signal Booster

Powernet provides Public Safety Signal Boosters that amplify public safety frequencies allowing first responders to have clear and constant communication during an emergency situation.

Managed Services

Reliable service to manage your back end systems.

Network Services

Building your customized service from start to finish to fit your business needs.

SmartRing ®

An easy, economical solution for small businesses to have calls forwarded to a cell phone by adding call auto-attendant.